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About Coltoys


Coltoys is a private Company located in Bogota, Colombia, with presence in Mexico and China. It was founded on 1966 as “Fabrica Nacional de muñecos el Tio ltds”. From its origins, Coltoys has become national leaders in the manufacturing of quality toys and promotional household and pet elements. 

True to its Slogan “Innovation, Exclusivity and Service with quality” Coltoys is strictly committed to the safety and well-being of the consumer. Working under the license and authorization of the biggest brands in the entertainment business, Coltoys only works with the best materials on the market to guarantee its clients non-toxic products. 



We are a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of toys, promotional and household items. By working under strict professional ethics and social responsibility, we are able to meet all the legal requirements, technical quality standards and fulfill all the stakeholders. 



We want to be a company in constant growth in manufacturing, marketing and exporting of toys, promotional elements and household items. Our goal is to dominate different markets from Mexico, to central and South America. We are committed to continuous improvement in everything we do through “Quality certifications”, technology investments and ongoing continuous staff training. .


Quality Policy

COLTOYS – TOP PROMOTIONS Corporation establishes management politics the following guidelines: 

  • Completely fulfill the requirements of our clients, stakeholders, and quality management system. 
  • Continuously improve the performance of our processes and customer satisfaction.  
  • We strive to continuously acquire new knowledge and skills to satisfy and fulfill the stakeholders. 


COLTOYS – TOP PROMOTIONS Corporation works under the following ´Product Quality´ principles and objectives: 

  • Maintain faultless product quality. 
  • Constantly improve our staff´s competence through continuous coaching and training.  


Manufacturer and/or licensee:






http://www.coltoys.com en español